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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tell me I'm your National Anthem.

I got up this morning and when I opened Facebook on my phone the first update was a A$ap Rocky page posting this video. So, I watched it and fell in love with A$ap Rocky all over again lol He didn't even have to say anything. I loved Lana's voice, the song sounds beautiful.In this video, Lana takes on the role as JFK’s mistress Marilyn Monroe when singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the president. As the video continues, she plays Jackie O, while A$AP takes on the role as a modern day John F. Kennedy. I'm now watching her videos on Youtube on my Ps3. I might be a little late on her other music, but today I can catch up. The video is great, beautiful and sad all in one especially the ending when she's talking about him. I liked how she had Asap play JFK. The directing was really cool, and I would love to direct a video with the older feel. Actually, I am going to do a video when I get to Ga.

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