Mind Of Reeciebaybi

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hearts & Not Catching Feelings .

I'm sitting here, I was randomly thinking of my past relationships and thinking of the type of relationship I want. I was playing in my mind the reasons why me and some of my exes broke up and I must say some were dumb reasons. Years ago I would break up with someone after taking allot of bullshit from them. Few years later I broke up with people once I just wasn't feeling the relationship anymore, I can honestly say I wasn't nice about it. I would just "It's over don't ask no questions" and they'd be all hurt, which I can understand why. But at that time I didn't like hurting people and I didn't like explaining, because when they wanted you to explain somehow ya got back together and I didn't want that to happen. One thing I didn't like was when someone felt way more for me than I felt for them. That's when the breakup is the hardest. It was hard for me to really fall hard for someone after some of the exes I had. People say you shouldn't punish the next because of an ex, shit it's hard not to. My past relationships have made me into the person I am today when it comes to being with someone. I'm very sweet, but I'm a asshole. I once I see characteristics I don't like happening in the relationship I quickly end it. I feel like I save myself from dealing with a bullshit relationship. I feel like I saved myself from many arguments, fights, being angry, etc. I know that's probably stupid to some but it has helped me dodge a many relationships. Some say I'm picky, to be honest I just want to find someone that ain't about games and bullshit. I tell people early "I rather be replaced than cheated on", if you don't think it's gone work we can end it and you find someone you want to be with, Simple. I think if more people were upfront, less would get hurt. I have a wall up like most, since I put it up not many have knocked it down. I am a person that doesn't like to show weakness. My Righthand Millie always tells me "you think like a guy!". I just really pay attention to people, I make sure not to make the same mistakes, know game before it's spit. Just a free write, felt like sharing .


  1. smh.. because yOU DO think like a guy. and thats fine! LOl a relationship is work ANYWAYS. you have to make sure the one u decide TO take seriously and give ur all to is someone ur willing to put up with. DONT let the movies songs and tv shows fool you.. a relationship will have its ups and downs (im talking steep inclines and fast drops) the one u love WILL MOST DEF. HURT UR FEELINGS. find the one u can tolerate alla that with and ur good.. other than blood sweat tears and str8 PSYCHOTIC moments at the end ofthe day love is a BEAUTIFUL thing.. =) lovee u piccy ass!

    1. lol love you too righthand , i can be picky, it's habit. i feel it's better to weed out the bullshiters so you can find the person you want/need. i've never let tv shows and movies be what i look for with a relationship, they are nice but no. I know alot of that shit never happens lol. I want to find someone that will tolerate me and someone i can tolerate for a long time.I WANT SOMEONE THAT DONT HAVE MESSED UP MOTIVES